mooring Malikai

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PROJECT: MALIKAI PROJECT - 2015 TENDER ASSISTED DRILLING ACTIVE WINCHING STUDY DYNAMIC MOORING MAKE-UP ANALYSIS CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Detailed Design Stage Adjust the mooring lines first segment length as such as each well slot on the TLP is centered directly above the corresponding subsea wellhead within some defined allowable

Mooring Gryphon

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PROJECT: MDA-MBH FPU PRODUCTION BARGE PROJECT - 2015 MOTION AND MOORING STUDY CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Bid Engineering Stage Motion study for operating and storm environments Mooring study of production barge for extreme environment (100 yr return period) SPECIFICS Demonstrate and establish preferred operating draft for FPU unit


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PROJECT: BGEPIL NRPOD TAPTI EXPANSION PROJECT - 2006 CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Mooring Analysis Check validity of mooring pattern during laying of 20" Export Gas Pipeline and 20" Infield Gas Pipeline Global's Derrick Lay Barge 264 SPECIFICS Frequency domain analysis, wave, current and wind Pipe is considered in

Mooring Flotel Girassol

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PROJECT: FLOTEL GIRASSOL - 2000 CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Detailed Engineering Stage Flotel Barge Bos300 moored alongside Girassol FPSO Design of berthing lines and fenders to minimize relative motions between the 2 vessels Study of different phases (standby and on-location) under environments Check of berthing lines, mooring lines and

Mooring buoy ship st

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PROJECT: MOORING PATTERN FOR OCEANOGRAPHIC BUOY - 2012 CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Mooring Analysis Design of lines for mooring pattern SPECIFICS Small structure Diameter of buoy 2000 mm

Mooring Spol

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PROJECT: SOUTH PARS OIL LAYER PROJECT - 2006 CUSTOMERS SCOPE OF WORK Feasibility study Spread vs turret mooring configurations for Suezmax and Aframax size tankers SPECIFICS Time domain studies using 2000s samples and 3 hours statistics 2 size tankers, 3 loading configurations, 2 type mooring, 4096 environments Intact