Once a subsidiary of Ultramarine Inc, Ultramarine Europe is now a fully independent consulting and analyst company, offering analytical services to the offshore engineering community for the Oil & Gas and Marine Renewable Energy fields.

The company specializes in simulations of complex offshore operations involving multi-body configurations from both hydrodynamic and structural aspects.

Along with our sister company Ultramarine Inc., we have been providing solutions and technical services to various offshore installation contractors for the last 40 years, in a field constantly driven by innovation.

Our expertise lies in providing viable and cost-effective solutions to our clients using MOSES-OpenWindPower, a unique tool for simulating installation operations at sea and predicting the behavior of floating structures.

Our experience comes from the fact that we have been active since the beginning of the offshore industry, constantly upgrading the software to comply with new rules and new requests from our users, assisting our clients during their projects, and solving complex problems through consulting activities.